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With bachata sensual becoming more and more popular, we thought it would be a good idea to start documenting the terms that are used by Korke, the creator of this dancing style, to indicate various leadings. At present, this site is just a one-pager, but we hope to grow it over time!

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Basic 8-step bachata pattern.
Rompo delante
Break forward; similar to basico, but starting with a step forward. Circular (clockwise) hand leading may be added as well.
Doble tiempo
Double time; 2 slow alternating steps covering 4 beats.
Four slow alternating steps covering 8 beats. Exact pattern may vary.
4-step bachata pattern, in left-right-right-left (or vice versa) fashion. Used by the leader when repositioning in front or behind (so not facing) the follower.
Quick 180 degree turn of the follower.
Slide. Gentle push sideways with the leg.
Literally, "Let's go out!" Used when the leader is in front or behind the follower, and gets out of the formation (using a cambio).
Body wave. Ripple through the body from head downwards. These are executed in sets, e.g. two short and one longer wave covering 4 beats.
Bounce. When the leader is behind the girl, and he gives her a gentle push forward so as to create space, and subsequently moves in front of her from the left side.
Cape. When the leader is behind the girl, and leads her behind him, just like when he'd be putting on a cape.
Circular movement with the hips and lower leg.
Pinch movement with the knees to block the follower's right leg, and prevent her from moving. Accompanied with a circular movement of the torso.
When the leader is behind the follower, sideward push and return to the original position, covering 4 beats.


Type of warm up routine. Two steps to the left and two steps forward. Then make twisting movements with the feet to complete the 8.
Se va, ahora y!
As in "1-2-3-4, se va, ahora y!"
It's a pile of shit!